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A “cookie” is a small text file stored on the User's computer when the User browses a website for the purpose of providing important information when the User returns to the same website. It is a sort of reminder of the Internet page the user has browsed. With cookies, the web server sends information to the User's browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) stored on the User’s computer, that are re-read and updated each time the User returns to the website. In this way the website may deliver pages tailored to a particular User. While the User is browsing a website, cookies of other websites (“third-party” cookies) may be placed on the hard drive of its computer, that are set directly by the servers of these websites and used for the purposes and in the manner defined by the owners of the cookies.

Depending on when they expire, there are two types of cookies, session cookies (i.e. these are temporary cookie files, which are erased when the User closes its browser) and persistent cookies (i.e. these files stay on the server until the User deletes them manually or the User’s browser deletes them based on the duration period). Depending on their function and use, cookies may be distinguished into technical cookies and profiling cookies.


Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of specific information about Users who access a website page. These cookies, so-called technical cookies, are often useful to allow the user to browse a website and use all its features. The user’s consent is not required for Technical cookies. Analytics cookies also belong to this category. These cookies collect information about the use that a User makes of a website, making it easier to use. Analytics cookies show, for example, which pages are most frequently visited, and make it possible to verify recurring patterns of use of a website and help to understand any difficulties faced by website users.


Other cookies may be used to monitor and profile users as they browse a website, to study their movements and web browsing or consumption habits (what they buy, what they read, etc.), even to send the user advertising messages for specific and customised services. These are called profiling cookies. The use of these cookies requires the prior free informed consent of the user pursuant to article 7 of EU Regulation 2016/679.


A web page may also contain cookies from other websites, hosted on the page for example in advertising banners, images, videos, maps or links to the web pages of other domains residing on servers other than that on which the requested page is located. In other words, these cookies are set directly by website managers or servers other than this website. These are so-called third-party cookies, which are usually used for profiling purposes. The use of these cookies requires the prior free, informed consent of the user.


The main functions of the cookies installed by the website takemihome.it are technical functions, they are used to constantly improve the Service and for authentication and statistical purposes, such as counting the number of times a User visits the website. The use of cookies is therefore strictly to facilitate the functions of the server when browsing the website.

The website takemihome.it also allows the transmission of the following third-party cookies. These cookies are not proprietary tools; for more information please read the third-party privacy policies and consent forms by clicking on the links included.

In order to improve the website takemihome.it and understand which parts or elements are most appreciated by users, Google Analytics third-party cookies are used as an anonymous and aggregate analysis tool. These cookies are not proprietary tools. For more information, please read the privacy statement provided by Google.

The website takemihome.it may use Facebook ADS programmes managed by Facebook Inc., Google Adwords and Google Remarketing technology, managed by Google Inc. The Facebook ADS and AdWords conversion tracking feature also uses cookies to help us track sales and/or other conversions.


The user may manage its cookie preferences through the settings on commonly used browsers, which allow the User to delete/remove cookies (all or some) or change the settings of the browser so as to block cookies or restrict this to specific sites (with respect to others).

The user may refuse the use of cookies by following the disabling procedure on its browser. The methods used by the main browsers are the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Explorer:


  • Windows Microsoft Edge:


  • Mozilla Firefox:


  • Google Chrome:


  • Apple Safari

https://support.apple.com/it-it/HT201265 (for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch)

https://support.apple.com/it-it/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac (Mac Book)

For more information about the cookies stored on your server and how to disable them individually, please go to:


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