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Alba Di Persio

Brows and lashes expert

Born in 1996, Spanish mother and Italian father. She has always loved the world of beauty, taking care of herself and being interested in the beauty trends of the moment. In 2019 she decided to make her passion her job, attending an eyelash lamination course at one of the most important Made in Italy academies. She specialized in eyelash and eyebrow lamination. After 6 months of studies and master classes she opened her private studio in Rome. In 2020 she became master qualified and started to teach individual courses. The secret of her small success is to teach people who come to her, to take care of themselves and always like themselves, enhancing their look and giving character to their face. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Alona Shapoval

Nails Expert

She is Alona Shapoval but everyone calls her Elena. Born in Ukraine. As a child she dreamed of being a beautician / nail technician doing nails for all her friends. In 2020 she decided to become a professional and did the Russian Manicure + Semi-Permanent Reinforced course in Ukraine. She loves manicured hands. In 2021 she also did the reconstruction course with acrygel smart forms. She likes to be up to date on new techniques and keep up with the times. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Asia Morales

Make-up Artist

She has had a passion for make-up and aesthetics for over 10 years. As a child at the age of just 12 years in his small town already worked with photographers self-taught. After high school she decided to move to Rome to start studying make-up in a complete academy (cinematographic audiovisual) and in Chiara Corsaletti's school. She also attended the Hairstylist course to feel more complete. Her work includes different areas between fashion, cinema etc.. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with several influencers (Giulia Salemi), actresses (Miriam Catania, Marta Bifano, Marco Bonini Edoardo Leo) renowned models (Kitty Spencer) making them up for shooting or red carpet as the parade of Philipp Plein Cartier event, Patrizia Pepe and many others. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Chiara Tasco


Chiara is a physiotherapist with a full degree, specialized in the treatment of neuro-muscular-skeletal disorders and sports patients. In addition to the activity and experience gained in the clinical setting, including at the international level, Chiara is an active member of the Italian technical and scientific physiotherapy associations. She believes that her goal is to promote the health and well-being of the patient by ensuring the best care and prevention programs, thanks to continuous professional updating. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Danila Grasso


Danila graduated from the linguistic high school. She then attended the three-year beauty school at 'Dora Bruschi' in 2005 and worked for 5/6 years in two beauty centres. She then opened a VAT number and started working on her own. She attended various massage courses including the 'Renata França' method in 2021 draining, modelling and 'miracle face' massage.

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Elena Pontoriero

Hair and Make-up Artist

Born in 1991, Elena studied to realize her dream of becoming a Make Up Artist. Her competence and professionalism come from years of experience. After graduating from high school with a diploma in linguistics, she attended one of the most renowned academies in Rome. She then participated in well-known Workshops and courses of Make Up and Hair Stylist. Elena plows at the age of 21 years, stages such as theaters, television studios and catwalks that allow her to take part in major international events such as the "70th International Film Festival" in Venice, Giorgio Armani "One Night Only Rome", red carpet and collaborations with prestigious magazines such as Gioia and Marie Claire. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Elvira Verde


About 20 years ago she graduated as a Shiatsu therapist. From that moment the desire to explore and learn the many wonders of holistic techniques is still very much alive today. During these years she has continued to deepen her knowledge in various therapeutic and aesthetic massage techniques, constantly working on the search for treatments that are good for body, mind and spirit. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Emanuele Salvati


Emanuele Salvati was born in Rome in April '97. He began his profession at the age of 18 years in a store in the suburbs of Rome. With passion and desire to do, he quickly learns to satisfy the customer in front of him. This passion pushes him every day to keep up to date on everything related to the world of Barberia. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Federico Bolognesi

Personal Trainer

Former professional swimmer. Finished his career as a sportsman he remained linked to the sport achieving certifications as an instructor of water aerobics and hidrobike at the Italian Swimming Federation and at CSEN as an instructor of functional training. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Francesca Ciaponi

Nails Expert

Francesca is a woman who has turned her passion into a job. She dedicates most of her time to it, to training and keeping up with trends. She is strongly determined and always likes to offer the best to her clients. She participated and won the Professional Beauty Championship in Dubai and London, graduating as 'Nail Professional of the Year 2022'.

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Lorenzo Di Nunno

Holistic Operator

Lorenzo ha 29 anni, ed è nato e cresciuto a Roma. Ha conseguito la laurea in Terapia occupazionale, una professione sanitaria che gli ha permesso di lavorare nel campo della riabilitazione. Obiettivo principale il recupero dell'autonomia della persona, con utilizzo di strategie e metodi che puntano a migliorare la qualità della vita. Qualche anno dopo, ha deciso di ampliare le sue conoscenze iniziando un nuovo percorso. Spinto dalla voglia di conoscere il corpo umano, nella sua struttura e funzione, ha iniziato gli studi per diventare osteopata presso la scuola Educam di Roma. Arrivato al penultimo anno, ha integrato la sua ricerca tramite la conoscenza e l'applicazione di 9 massaggi diversi e del metodo Mezieres, utile per una corretta valutazione globale e posturale. Il manifestarsi di una problematica, è il risultato di un corpo che non sta lavorando in armonia nella sua totalità. MUNITO DI SUPER GREEN PASS

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Michela Gargiulo

Nails Expert

Michela has been doing her job with a lot of passion for over 7 years. When she finished high school at the age of 19, she started her career as a nail technician, working in her sister's nail centre. She was a support figure, acting as secretary, cashier, consultant, order manager, etc., until a workstation was added to the shop for her. She started out self-taught by observing in the shop, then studied by taking her first courses and from there her first customers.

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Riccardo Giannone

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Riccardo is a physiotherapist and osteopath with many years of experience; graduated from the Catholic University of Rome in 2015, he continued his training by attending the postural re-education course "Mezieres Method" that opened the way to a global approach to the body. He also trained on temporomandibular joint disorders, which are fundamental to rebalance posture. The interest in the global vision of the body led him again to continue his studies, obtaining a master's degree in osteopathy at the University of Verona. Following a football team he gained experience in sports massage and decontracting. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Sabrina Pinto


Sabrina has been a beautician specialising in advanced aesthetics for over 20 years. She specialises in the Renata Franca technique, body treatments, facials and nails. Her mission is the psychophysical well-being of her clients. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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Sara Paganini

Nail Artist

Sara is a young Roman girl with the passion for drawing. She is a nail technician and has managed to transfer her creativity into her work. The nails created by Sara are little works of art, one of a kind. She is able to satisfy every type of customer's request, from the simplest to the most complex. Her passion is nail art, drawing, portraiture. She has worked in London and Miami, and with famous celebrities. Sara is an artist. WITH SUPER GREEN PASS

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